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Markenvorstellung: Chuwi

Company: Chuwi

Established in 2004, CHUWI (Address: F2, Building 2, Li Jincheng Industrial Park, Shenzhen – China) started with manufacturing MP3/MP4 players and transformed itself in to a producer of affordable and feature-rich tablet PCs, laptops and accessories. The company established strategic alliance with Intel and Microsoft in 2013, which helped it introduce some of the most popular tablets at that time. The following years proved to be a huge success for CHUWI and the brand became popular the world over. Specializing in Android, Windows and Hybrid Tablet PCs, CHUWI is known for exquisite design, use of quality displays and durability of the products. CHUWI is also one of the most popular Chinese tech companies in the US, Europe and other western countries due to the value it offers without compromising on quality and specifications. People who wanted a full Windows desktop experience and didn’t wish to spend hundreds of dollars more on an iPad found CHUWI to be an excellent alternative. From Ultra-High resolution displays to beefy specs and internals, CHUWI has something for every user at an affordable price.

Products and Specialties

Ranging from 7-inch GSM Android tablets to the bold and big 13.5-inch Windows tablet PC, CHUWI has a wide range of products that meet demands of different type of users. The all-metal Hi13 is one of the biggest Windows-based tablet PCs featuring an incredible 3000×2000 resolution and powered by Intel Apollo Lake quadcore processor. It provides users with more space to unleash their creativity, offers better performance and ultimately an enhanced user experience. The stunning and massive IPS display is the key highlight of the tablet and takes the whole experience to another level. Affordable price on top of all the features make Hi13 a hard-to-resist gadget. The Hi10 Plus and Pro are amazingly slim Dual-boot tablets with a Full HD IPS display, decent internals and also serve as a normal laptop. Vi7 is a compact Android tablet with GSM functionality and features a 7-inch IPS HD display and dual cameras at an affordable price. CHUWI also manufactures affordable laptops, including LapBook 14.1 and 15.6 as well as HiBox mini PC box, chargers and power banks.


The main reason behind CHUWI’s popularity in many regions of the world, particularly the western countries is the value it delivers through its innovative products. Ultra-high resolution displays are a rarity in the budget segment, but CHUWI has pushed the boundaries farther and offers exquisite metal design, powerful internals and quality displays. The multi-purpose, dual-boot tablet PCs offer the best of both worlds and provide solid reasons to switch from other platforms. CHUWI’s laptops also offer good value for the money and are equipped with Full HD displays, something not so common at the price point.

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